"New Year, New Tools"

On Friday, December 11th, we hosted our second Changing Chatter webinar, “New Year, New Tools.” One of our Bereavement Counselors, Joshua Hernandez, and Music Therapist, Laura Chami, collaborated in delivering a conversation on the importance of acknowledging our challenges and creating a personalized self-care routine that can be helpful as we enter a new year. They spoke about the benefits and how to use mindfulness and Music Therapy as tools that we can utilize as part of our coping strategies. Watch the video to experience them yourselves!

Also, if you missed our last webinar, “Recognizing Our Strengths During the Holidays, you can watch the presentation here: https://vimeo.com/482747113

We hope to see you all at our next Changing Chatter webinar! In the meantime, we wish your family Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!