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As a non-profit Catholic organization, it is our duty and our mission to go beyond the walls of our facilities, sharing our resources and skills with vulnerable South Floridians in greatest need. In 2023, Catholic Health Services has provided $24 million in added community benefit and improved the quality of life for more than 14,500 local residents.

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Nearly 40 Years of Community Service And Support

Essential care. Spiritual comfort and hope. Catholic Health Services team continues to make enormous strides in helping thousands of families who are hurting and in need of assistance each year.

Protecting The Vulnerable

We provide essential care to those uninsured or underinsured, who don’t qualify for government assistance. We extend a helping hand to those needing extra guidance in managing daily lives.

Improving Quality of Life

Our outreach and education programs save lives by bridging the gap for those struggling to access health care services or understand their serious health issues.

Comforting The Grief Stricken

We deliver compassion; bereavement and grief counseling; and spiritual support to people who lost a loved one.

Patients And Families: Need Financial Help?

As part of our mission, we provide health care and services to those in need. If you are unable to afford care costs, we can help you find payment solutions, based on your ability to pay. We do try to accommodate every request within our limited resources.

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Our Mission

  • To provide healthcare and services to those in need.
  • To minimize human suffering.
  • To assist people to wholeness.
  • To nurture an awareness of their relationship with God.


How to Apply

  1. Review the Financial Assistance Policy.
  2. Print the Verification Letter.
  3. Complete the Application for Financial Assistance form in English or Spanish.
  4. Fax, mail or deliver to your facility’s Business Office with all supporting documentation.
  5. Facility to complete Charity Income Worksheet Form and submit to the Corporate Business Office (CBO).

Review Our Results

We invite you to review our organization’s measurable results. We thank and salute every team member that helped us achieve those results through their daily dedication to our mission. These hard-working professionals face each day with courage, commitment and love in their hearts!

Community Impact FAQs

We’re pleased to maintain rewarding partnerships with Nova Southeastern University (NSU); FIU (Florida International University); University of Miami (UM) and FVI (Florida Vocational Institute), MRU, Robert Morgan, FNU and others. Contact us to find out more about these partnership opportunities.

We do! If you’re interested in becoming a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), ask us about our Florida Vocational Institute (FVI) CNA Cohort Program. CHS may be able to fund your program training in full, providing you with a rewarding new career!

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