Meet Thalia Rydz, LCSW, Ph.D

As a hospice social worker, I feel it is my duty to help the patients and families I work with sort through the various difficulties they are facing. I am blessed to be part of a multi-disciplinary team made up of nurses, doctors, counselors, and spiritual leaders. Therefore, being a hospice social worker allows me to take a holistic approach when providing care.

When individuals are receiving end of life care, family members are experiencing a wide array of emotions. As a social worker, I try to ensure that the family has the necessary psycho-social support and that they have developed the necessary coping mechanisms to approach this difficult time in their life. During end-of-life care, patients and families experience a high level of anxiety, I do my best to connect them with resources that will be some alleviation during these trying times.

At this time, all of us are going through unexpected changes due to COVID-19. We want our patients to know that we are doing our absolute best to continue to provide quality service. Coping with a family being on hospice in combination with a pandemic is indescribable. As a social worker, I make it my duty to continue to provide quality care and support even if it looks different than what we are accustomed to.

As a social worker, I know that each patient and family has a unique story and I always want them to know each story is equally important. I believe it is essential to listen and understand those stories so that everyone who receives care from us knows that their journey mattered.

Thalia Rydz, LCSW, Ph.D