Meet Karel Villa, Chaplain

Having a positive impact on the world and the lives of the people around me is one of the greatest challenges that has accompanied me throughout my life. My name is Karel M. Avila and I am a Chaplain at Catholic Hospice. From an early age, I discovered the presence of God in my life. Since my youth, God has been the engine that pushed me to seek and serve Him. I firmly believe that faith requires commitment and a stance in life.

Four years ago, working in hospice, I discovered a wonderful and privileged space to serve others and at the same time, build a more human world. How? Precisely in situations without sense and in death. Life’s greatness and beauty manages to reveal themselves in their greatest splendor. My ministry as a chaplain is not centered around death. Chaplaincy is a cry of life and a healing presence that fights and strives to bring peace, harmony, reconciliation and meaning. 

Accompanying and caring for hospice patients and their families is a tremendous responsibility, but it’s also one of the greatest privileges. When human beings face extreme situations and the vulnerability of life and the body, it is then that they become more aware of their greatness and spiritual dimension. It’s at that moment when the Divine acquires a more important role. Feelings and emotions are consolidated as essential values above any worldly possession. Chaplaincy is a call that has given meaning to my life in recent years and where I daily acquire wisdom and humanity. Being a chaplain involves the task of accompanying others while being accompanied. Encountering many different people has helped me to stay close to a God, who is infinite Love and manages to reach each person, regardless of any border or limit that may exist.