Catholic Hospice Care Programs and Services

Catholic Hospice In-Home Care & Facilities

Upon admission to Catholic Hospice, a plan of care is developed by the interdisciplinary team to meet the specific needs of each patient-family unit. The professional staff is on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Comprehensive Services Provided:

• Physical care including medical and nursing services.
• Medications, medical supplies, and equipment.
• Assistance with insurance paperwork & other matters of financial concern.
• Pain control and symptom management, as well as dietary guidance.
• Spiritual and emotional support in accordance with the family’s own religious network.
• Family education regarding patient care, medications and what to expect.
• Professional grief counseling and support.
• Practical care such as bathing and assistance with daily activities.

Additional services that may be required to serve an individual’s specific needs. See our page for Special Programs available.