Pet Peace of Mind

Pet Peace of Mind Keeps Patients and Pets Together

A patient’s bond with a pet is both important and uplifting. A pet can be the one who provides a smile during a particularly hard day or a reason to get up and get moving.

The mission of Pet Peace of Mind is to keep Catholic Hospice patients connected with their animal companions during the end-of-life journey. We’re here to preserve and ensure this healthy bond for animals and humans.

About Pet Peace of Mind

Pets can offer patients the same comfort as a family member or friend. Pet Peace of Mind volunteers help that pet stay part of daily life by helping with care, feeding and support as the patient’s condition progresses. Pet Peace of Mind also continues its mission by facilitating grooming and veterinary care for pets.

This service is offered as part of Catholic Hospice through a partnership with the nationwide Pet Peace of Mind organization. We depend on the help of volunteers to provide this important service to Catholic Hospice patients. If you would like to get involved in supporting the life-affirming bond between pets and people, please fill out the form below.

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