Congratulations Jamayra Rosario Employee of the Month at Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery

Jamayra Rosario

The week of June 10th, the Archbishop hosted the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting in Fort Lauderdale. Jamayra was asked to coordinate the pickup, delivery, storage, transportation and care of the plants and trees the cemeteries brought in for the event. The event was a week long, 2 weeks in total for planning, setup and take down. The cemetery staff decorated the daily Mass chapel, adoration room, private chapel and general session rooms at the hotel in addition to preparation, set up and take down of the parish grounds, hall and church where the public Mass was held (Pope Pius X). Subsequently she is assisting in the care of those plants until they are placed in other properties belonging to the Archdiocese. She was nominated by Bill Yany who placed a very heavy trust in her for the success of the event. She’s been a real asset since her hiring, pouring herself into truly learning the business! – Mary Jo Frick, Executive Director of Catholic Cemeteries