5 Ways To Reinvent Yourself This Fall Catholic Health Services

5 Tips for Reinventing Yourself This Season

Think it’s too late to “re-invent” yourself? Think again.

September is Healthy Aging Month, an annual celebration created by Healthy Aging® Magazine to highlight the positive aspects of growing older! The National initiative strives to provide inspiration and practical ideas for adults, ages 45-plus, to improve their physical, mental, social and financial well-being.

Catholic Health Services Healthy Aging Month

To get you started on the journey here are 5 ways you can “re-invent yourself” today!

  1. Be Positive

    Remain positive in your conversations and your actions each day. When you catch yourself complaining, check yourself and change the conversation to something positive. Surround yourself with energetic, happy, positive people of all ages and you will be happier too. (Tip: limit the amount of local news you intake).

  2. Feeling Lonely?

    Do something about it. Pick up the phone and make a call to do one or more of the following: Volunteer at the local public school to stay in touch with younger people and to keep current on trends, take a computer class or a tutorial session at your cell phone store to keep up with technology, choose a new person every week to have dinner with!

  3. Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

    Start walking not only for your health but to grab some fresh air and see the neighbors. Make it a goal to walk 10,000 steps a day. Starting a new weight loss journey? Make it 15,000. You can do it!

  4. Get Those Annual Check-Ups

    Make this month the time to set up your annual physical and other health screenings. Go to the appointments to alleviate worry about any ailments and to stay updated on any health changes.

  5. Find Your Inner Artist.

    You may have an artist inside of you just waiting to be awakened. Have you always wanted to play the piano, violin, or tuba? Ever wondered if you could paint a scenic portrait? (Tip: Sign up now for fall art or music classes and discover your inner artist!)

Catholic Health Services Find Your Inner Artist







We encourage you to take some time to evaluate your life; where you’ve been, and what you’ve always wanted to do! No need to worry about acting your age or at least what you think your current age should act like. Do you remember your best year so far? Was it 25? 30? 40? Now? Picture yourself at that age and BE IT!

Don’t look in the mirror for a reminder, just FEEL IT!

Remember it is never too late to find a new career, a new sport, passion or hobby.

For more information about Healthy Aging Month visit https://healthyaging.net/september-is-healthy-aging-month/.