Meet Sandra Perez


Meet Sandra Nunez Catholic Hospice


I graduated from Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work in New York City and have been in the field of Social Work for 16 years. I believe living in this world, we all have a mutual responsibility to use our skills and talents to take care of each other. I take pride in listening and learning of each individual journey, in order to assist appropriately.  

I believe no matter what faith we hold we all have commonalities we share. The desire to be heard and loved. And, the desire for those we hold dear to our hearts to be safe and free of pain.  

We all have value.  

If a person is alone in their journey, it becomes especially important that they are handled with dignity and respect, and that their affairs and wishes are managed appropriately.   

When dealing with grief, managing the day to day things of an ill loved one can become challenging. It is my hope to help ease what becomes difficult or complicated when a loved one becomes ill. To assist patients and families navigate resources that may prove useful in anticipating and planning for patient needs they may not foresee.  

I take pride in working for Catholic Hospice and stand by the values they possess as an organization; rendering services with skill, compassion, and respect for human dignity to our patients and families. It is a value I can also say is extended to us as Catholic Hospice employees

Sandra Perez, Social Worker, Catholic Hospice