Rehabilitation Hospital Programs and Services

Catholic Health Service provides Aquatic Therapy, Stroke Rehabilitation, Outpatient and Orthopedic Rehabilitation programs and services for disabled patients with acute or chronic illnesses causing temporary or permanent disability.

If you or a loved one is dealing with physical disabilities caused by stroke, arthritis, amputation, multiple sclerosis (MS), post-polio syndrome, spinal cord, head injury, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or other neurological or orthopedic condition, we offer both inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and specialty outpatient rehabilitation clinics at four convenient South Florida locations.

Years of patient satisfaction

Our skilled team combines medical care with rehabilitation services to help re-establish the functional, physical, cognitive and behavioral skills required to live as independently as possible. Our history of positive outcomes has always met or exceeded medical expectations!

We’re ready to help: Call our caring, skilled team at 1-877-CHS-4ME2. Or reach out to us online.

CHS Rehabilitation Program and Service Highlights:

Therapy improves function through the application of aquatic therapeutic exercises. Every Catholic Health Services Rehabilitation Hospital features a unique specialized centerpiece service: our indoor, temperature controlled Aquatic Center. These state-of-the-art indoor pools allow our therapists to use this unique environment to facilitate and augment traditional rehabilitation hospital treatments.

See which conditions can benefit most from Aquatic Therapy, plus learn more about our facilities and specialized treatment techniques.

Stroke Rehabilitation

The Stroke Rehabilitation Teams at St. Anthony’s and St. Catherine’s Hospitals work with one important goal in mind: to design individualized interdisciplinary programs that help each patient achieve a maximum level of functional independence in order to return home and resume their daily lives.

Approximately 80% of our stroke patients achieve outcomes exceeding national norms, while 59% regain the functional independence necessary to return home. It’s why we’re ranked in the top 20% among 800 rehab facilities in the U.S.

Discover more about CHS stroke rehab capabilities and facilities, as well as our helpful support groups.


Catholic Health Services Outpatient Specialty Clinics provide medical treatment, therapies and care for people with disabilities for a variety of needs on an outpatient basis, at our Catholic Health Services’ Medical Rehabilitation Center Hospitals.

Specialty programs may include medications to relieve pain and muscle fatigue, therapeutic strategies to modify activities and reduce fatigue, modifications to homes and worksites, and assistive devices and equipment such as canes, braces, crutches, scooters, and wheelchairs.

See the full list of our 12 clinic specialties, including their locations throughout South Florida.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy that treats a large variety of conditions that affect the skeletal system and the muscular system.

Orthopedic rehabilitation treats injuries such as neck and back pain, shoulder tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and ankle sprains and hip pains. It’s often needed post-surgery to aid healing for patients with spinal fusion, total hip or knee replacement, or ankle reconstruction. Other conditions that may require surgery in conjunction with orthopedic rehabilitation: shoulder replacements, laminectomies, rotator cuff repairs, and meniscectomies.

See how one-to-one orthopedic rehabilitation at Catholic Health Services is designed to better fit your specific needs.