Meet Reverend Feniton Jacquet, Chaplain

October 30, 2020
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Rev. Feniton Jacquet holds a D. Min and serves God and the community as Pastor, Law Enforcement Chaplain and Hospice Chaplain. At 15 years old, he heard the voice of God calling him to salvation. To this call, he offered not an end of inadmissibility, but a positive reception. Since that time, his burning passion to serve God made him understand that there is nothing on earth nobler and more enjoyable than the healing of souls.

The chaplain is at the service of souls in distress. Being of service means not imposing yourself but answering calls. Calls may also come directly from families who are in distress at the precise moment of a serious illness of a loved one. Faced with certain imminent death, families generally appeal to the chaplain. The presence of the chaplain is seen as the presence of God. Chaplaincy has a mission of comfort. It is a ministry of presence. The presence of the chaplain testifies to the mercy of God and to his closeness to men. This presence with families means to listen, to be there, quite simply.

In nutshell, the chaplain provides spiritual relief and healing for downcast souls. Being a chaplain really makes me a wiser person. When we consider the fate or the end of life of a human being, despite their acquaintance, their fortune, their social origin, their education and their reputation, we realize that we ought to be sagacious and humbler in our daily living way. I can only agree more with the Bible when it says that man is but a parcel of dust from the earth. Without God, we are nothing. It is a great blessing to be part of Catholic Hospice family. May the LORD make CHI grow exponentially.

To God be the Glory.