Get Your Shift Together

April 29, 2021
Changing Chatter to create change: a monthly lunch & learn series

“Changing Chatter” returned on Friday, April 23rd with “Get Your Shift Together” presented by Jaunai “Jay” Walker, Post-Acute Representative. This conversation invited the audience to reflect on the different ways that can help in getting our “shift together.” From making better decisions and stepping out of your comfort zone to ensuring you surround yourself with quality people, achieving your goals and/or highest self comes when you make the needed shifts in your lives. These shifts start in our minds, Walker suggests. Missed it? Don’t worry, watch and listen in on this month’s “Changing Chatter” conversation here on video!

Please note: “Changing Chatter” is now bi-monthly, so we hope to see you at our next conversation in June! For questions or more information on our “Changing Chatter” series, contact Gian Santayana at