Centro Mater Foundation: 50 Years

Our Foundation

The Centro Mater Foundation is a South Florida based institution that aims to support the efforts of Centro Mater Child Care Services Inc. The foundation helps to provide for early education summer programs, which endeavor to keep at-risk youths focused and progressive during months of reduced stimulation, and supports the maintenance of all centers.

Supporting Early Education

Additionally, the Centro Mater Foundation—along with other agencies— works closely with the child care services organization to implement evidence-based practices; ensure the effectiveness of program implementation and fidelity to activities; connect children and their families to additional services within the community; enhance communication within care systems, and evaluate and examine efforts.

Our Board

The efforts of the Centro Mater Foundation are spearheaded by a dedicated board of directors.



Matthew Bruno

Board Members
Maty Aldrich
Javier Alvarez
Ana Carbonell
Margie Costa Suarez – Vice Chair
Claudia de la Cruz
Isabel de Quesada|
Maria Figarola Arazoza – Secretary   
Maria Cristina Lloveras
Lourdes Machado
Brenda M. Moreira
Ana Ortega – Treasurer
Valeria Ortega
Bebi Palenzuela
Sofía Powell-Cosio
Rick Riesgo
Miriam Roman
Javier  Verdeja
Octavio A. Verdeja
Maria E. Wollberg – Vice Treasurer

María Eugenia Cosculluela
Lucía Escagedo
Helen Aguirre Ferré
Alina Garrido
Carmina Mestre
Claudia Puig
Laura de Oña
Carmelina Viadero



Program Committee
Miriam Roman
Ana Carbonell

Finance Committee

Ana Ortega
Maria Elena Wollberg
Margie Suarez
Bebi Palenzuela

By Laws Committee 
Sofia Powell
Maria Arazoza

Nominating Committee
Maria Arazoza

Marketing Committee
Brenda Moreira
Ana Carbonell

For more information please visit www.centromater.com.