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Grief Support

Grief Support & Counseling

We at Catholic Hospice realize that grief begins the moment a person receives a terminal illness. Our grief support & counseling programs are staffed with highly trained psychosocial professionals to walk beside both the patient and their loved ones during this difficult time.  Social workers diligently seek resources to assist with eligibility benefits, placement and funeral arrangements during this difficult time. Chaplains deliver spiritual support to assist patients and their loved ones come to terms with their impending death and life without their loved one. 

Our bereavement team consists of specialized mental health clinicians who work with patients exhibiting signs of anticipatory grief and loved ones showing signs of complicated grief.  The bereavement team is also there to provide counseling support to family members for up to 13 months following a death. Our grief support program has made a major difference in our patients, and their family’s lives.

Grief and loss can take on many forms and we believe during this critical time of adjustment and rediscovery, it is paramount that we provide supportive measures.  Our bereavement services are not limited to people who have chosen Catholic Hospice or Catholic Palliative, we reach out to our local community through support groups, individual counseling and family counseling.  We believe no one should be left to grieve alone and our grief support & counseling programs ensure that.

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Grief Support

Our bereavement programs are aimed at helping people move toward a healthy adjustment to the many changes in their lives after a death in the family.