Assisted Living
Assisted Living in Florida for Seniors at Catholic Health Services

I thank God I came to St. John’s Nursing Center. They take such good care of me and I am able to stand again.

Beth Mahler

My entire stay at St. Anthony’s was one I will remember and embrace with wonderful memories.

Elinor Singman

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff at St. Anne’s Nursing Home. They truly embody the Catholic virtues of caring for all from conception to natural death.

Robert Ayala

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care given to my grandson. The excellent treatment given with love and affection played a crucial role in his recovery.

Doralice Proia

I was a patient at St. Anne’s Nursing Center & Residence, and your facility was so clean and the personnel always willing to help and willing to go beyond the call of duty.

Eduardo Cifuentes