Why Use the Internet

Often in our work environment we will ask for something, a piece of information or a form that need to be completed.  With many employees if you ask them, “did you look on-line?” they will answer something like, “why would I do that” or “I don’t have time to look on line.”

As an on-line junkie I often wonder, “How do these people get through life?”  Today you can’t do anything without looking on line.  Any and everything you want is “on-line”.

Recipes for anything you want to cook-  You have to wonder why would I need a recipe book collecting dust on my shelf when virtually anything I want to cook has a recipe “ON-LINE”

  • If you need to register for school or look for unemployment – you go on-line
  • If your kids need financial aid – you go on-line
  • If you want to do your banking – you can look on-line
  • You want to pay your bills of find out how much you owe – you go on-line

So, naturally as a company, if you want to save time and money you try to figure out a way to put things – “ON-LINE”.

Most companies have many standards and procedures that need to be followed and that need to be updated on a regular basis.  Imagine in the past when you had to do that and distribute paper?  What a nightmare and how many poor trees would die.  Instead now you can have an electronic version that is continually updated by the responsible party and is always “ON-LINE” available to all who need it.  You don’t have to mail anything or remember who to put on your distribution list.  You just have to put it out there where anyone who wants to see it can.

This method works well for important forms or information.  Examples of some of the items you can find on the company websites are:

  • Policies
  • Instructions
  • Forms for employment
  • System access forms
  • Posted jobs
  • Mileage standard
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers

So let’s stop killing trees and get ON-LINE! I promise, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.