When to use the Corporate Compliance Hotline – 1 – 800-785-1436

The Corporate Compliance Hotline is a staffed hotline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hotline is operated by a call center outside our offices. You may call the hotline to report a suspected compliance or ethics violation if you are not comfortable raising the issue with your supervisor or others in management. You don’t need to give your name; your call will not be traced. Use it if you suspect:

  • Violation of our Code of Conduct, or any of our organizational policies or procedures.
  • Violation of any law, regulation or rule, including safety or privacy violations, theft, or other criminal conduct.
  • Fraud, financial or accounting misconduct, questionable auditing practices, bribery, or falsification of company records.
  • Abusive or retaliatory behavior, threats of workplace violence, sexual discrimination, harassment, or other serious misconduct by managers or colleagues.