Transitions and Senior Lifestyle are made easy at St. Joseph Assisted Living Residence

Many people that come to St. Joseph Assisted Living Residence are looking for a safe, comfortable and most of all, a “happy” new home for themselves or an aging parent or grandparent they love. It isn’t easy making or participating in a decision for someone else at that point in their lives.  Your elderly loved one’s health or mental status is changing or in decline, and you know it isn’t safe for them to live alone anymore. Often times you are faced with resistance from the person you are trying to help and feel like no matter what decision you make, you simply can’t win. The staff at St. Joseph Residence is expert at making these transitions as smooth and pleasant as possible for the entire family.

There are many special things that St. Joseph’s offers their residents.  One in particular is making a new resident feel welcomed and right at home.   Residents are encouraged to participate in group activities and to integrate into the family and community feeling for which St. Joseph’s is so well known, but with respect for their privacy and alone time.

We also pay special attention to the needs of our residents who are US veterans.  A little known but excellent program of the Veteran’s Administration is the VA Aid and Attendance program. Many veterans don’t realize that they are eligible or are unaware that they can receive this benefit and it is a great source of funds for financially constrained, wartime Veterans and/or their surviving spouses. The program is designed to honor the service of our veterans or their spouses if that veteran served our country during a period of war.  They need not have served in the war, just during a war and the reason for the need of assistance does not have to be service connected.  Therefore, your parent or grandparent may be eligible if they served and have developed Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.   It is not always easy navigating through much of the application process for some of these benefits, but our staff can help and give you one less thing to worry about.

As you look ahead to your family’s changing needs, consider making St. Joseph your loved one’s next home. Come by for a visit, stay for lunch and talk to some of your future neighbors. You might be surprised that the decision will be made easier for you than you think.

By Jamie Bonavita-Rhodes, Administrator of St. Joseph Residence

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