Tis the season…

As we draw near to Christmas, we should ask ourselves, what does the Holiday season really mean to me?

The Holidays are a time I look forward to each year. Maybe it’s the open invitation to eat everything in site without feeling guilty, or maybe it’s the spirit of the season that lightens the heart of everyone I’m surrounded by. However, the true meaning of Christmas is too often forgotten.

We often think of gifts, clothes and those new red suede pumps in Bloomingdales with slight gold trimming that I can’t afford but hope to receive as a gift…Ha-ha (ahem) No, it’s not about that.

The meaning of the season is far greater than what we imagine it to be. What’s your heart like during the Holidays? We should all have the desire to give back to those who are less fortunate. It’s a time to spread good cheer to both those that you are close to and those that you have yet to meet.

It’s a tough time for us all, due to the economic stress felt all over the world. However, there are many ways we can give back to our community and children without feeling the pain in our piggy banks (so to speak).

This year Catholic Health Services provided tons of toys to the children of families served by our Catholic Hospice. We all came together to spread some much needed cheer. This is what the Holiday is all about!

Have you tipped your service staff (mail or garbage men)? Or given them a card just to say thanks? Little gestures such as these can start of chain of cheer. What one person does for another can create miracles for someone else.

As a single mom, teaching my children the true meaning of Christmas is important. My 5yr old daughter has a never ending list of what she feels is “needed” in her life. Our tradition is to sit down, look over her list, and pick out what she can give to someone else. I then explain to her why giving back is so important. Creating generations of generosity keeps the true spirit of Christmas alive.

This Christmas Season let’s reflect on our lives and prepare to surpass our personal goals for the New Year. I hope those with a little extra can share by showing their gratitude and generosity during this festive occasion. Give back to your local shelters, giving just your time may be all that is needed! Many men and women feel the warmth of the season not by the gift, but by your presence.

Let us fill the hearts of children with cheer, so they can continue having faith in Christmas and in the Big Jolly Man himself. I mean for children to no longer believe in Santa Clause would be a tragedy, don’t you think? It’s important for them to believe in something, rather than nothing at all.

As we all gather together with friends and family lets encourage each other, laugh and enjoy the moments we have.
Let us not forget the reason for the season is the birth or our Lord Jesus Christ.

To forget that would be a real tragedy…