Time to Clock Out of Stress and Worry

With countries like Japan facing a rapidly aging population, having more than a quarter of the population being over 65 years old, the burden of having to keep senior care programs funded is one that has really been felt by the working force over the last decade and a half. Since 2001, the cost of health care coverage has more than doubled, which hurt the work force all the more in light of the 2007 global economic recession, forcing more people out of a job and into accepting Medicaid, thus furthering the strain felt on the tax-payers.

The rise in cost for senior health care, as well as the proposed raising of age for a person to become eligible to start receiving Medicare, is most assuredly a serious problem. The problem threatens the well-being of senior citizens that, for many of them, are, simply put, unable to work at most jobs any more just due to the strain and stress that comes with living life. Any rise in the cost of meeting the needs of our country’s many elderly citizens only serves to defeat the entire purpose of the senior care system: to  reduce stress in their lives and to allow them to live out their remaining years with some much deserved rest and relaxation. With the recession taking its toll on much of the middle class, budgets are getting ever so slightly smaller and smaller, with less and less being able to be saved and an increase in the cost for senior care, whether it is the cost for an assisted living facility or for just medication that helps regulate one’s blood pressure, is something that just cannot be tolerated.

In closing, the rising cost of senior care is a problem that affects a large part of society, a problem that is being forced upon people who have worked their whole lives with the only desire of being able to one day relax and retire from the hectic schedule that society imposes on everyone. The cost cannot be allowed to ascend any higher, not now, not in this current economic situation. We, the products of our elders’ hard work and determination, owe it to them to ensure that they are allowed their peace and quiet without any more increased burden.