Time for a Fresh Start

Ahhh, Spring! Time for a fresh start, renewed commitments, warmer days and eternal hope.  Unfortunately, the economy and the passing of the health care reform bill have lead to heightened concerns for health care providers such as physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and others (Jackson Health System).  Nursing Homes in the state of Florida are facing a $200 million budget cut.  This is on top of the nearly $480 million that has been cut over the last three years.  In addition, the government is planning to cut $14 billion over the next 10 years from Medicare funding to nursing homes.  No matter how efficiently and effectively you operate, you cannot sustain these type of cuts.

All of the budget cuts are accompanied by a greater push for quality.  Nobody would argue the desire for the ongoing need to improve quality.  It is something that we strive for each and every day at St. Anne’s.  Everyone should ask where is the government’s commitment to assist us in improving care and service through proper funding, not reduced funding.

How can the government bail out Banks and Auto makers and then cut the funds to those who are the most vulnerable?  What would happen if Nursing Homes started to go bankrupt?  Where would these people go? What would happen to all of the people that work in nursing homes providing this invaluable service? Nobody is asking for a government bail out, just sustained and proper funding.

I encourage each and every one of you that read this to contact your local legislators and express your concerns over reduced funding to Nursing Homes.  Don’t stop there though; get your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.

Go to http://capwiz.com/ahca/fl/home/ and Take Action. Type in your address and your legislators will pop up.  It only takes 1 minute to make your voice heard.  Please join me in telling the politicians that changes to health care cannot come on the backs of our frail and elderly.