The Weight Issue Update Introduces Rehabilitation Therapy…….Kind of funny but NOT

Well I am sorry to say that not only have I not continued to lose the weight, but in my efforts to up the exercise, I ended up doing some unwanted research on great Occupational Therapy for Injured Shoulders and Necks. At least I can now say I have experienced acupuncture or ETPS in this case.

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This summer while my daughter was home from school she and I decided to get a limited gym membership for the 2 months she was home.  We went regularly.  I decided since I now had access to certain machines I would try and reacquaint myself with upper body exercise.  This would help me build strength and flexibility in my arms and shoulders.  It is my quest to avoid the post-menopausal elderly shoulder slump that so many women get in their latter days.  So, with much enthusiasm, I went after the workout that would keep me looking straight and young forever, LOL.  

I started out on the bike for some cardio.  After the cardio I moved over to weights for curls, shoulder press, and triceps.  I went over to the machines and did some chest press, lat pull downs, more shoulder press and flies.   Are you impressed yet? 

I was sore, but since I figured that is what I was supposed to feel I kept working.  Two weeks later it’s worse not better.  In my exuberance to exercise and be healthy I ended up with a muscle spasm in my neck and shoulder area.  It is now 2 more weeks later, I am in therapy and can barely move my head. 

I think we all know the moral to this story, START SLOW! Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? You can’t fix in 2 weeks what you haven’t worked on for 10 years. 

On the up side I will say that thanks to my job I have access to amazing rehabilitation facilities and therapists.  I went to the doctor and he recommended therapy.  Since I work for Catholic Health Service ( I was able to get an appointment at St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital with one of my favorite therapists, Kristina Abbate, MS, OTR/L. 

Like all our therapists she is thorough and innovative.  After working on my neck and shoulder a couple of times she decided to use a different approach, Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation (ETPS).  ETPS integrates acupuncture, osteopathy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular and neural therapies.  It is a hybrid that combines modalities to treat chronic/acute soft tissue pain. 

The therapy was very interesting.  The device looks like a remote control with a point like a pen on one end.  This point is applied to the acupuncture points and what you feel is a sharp electrical point going through the area, almost like a needle.  What is actually happening is a concentrated, low frequency Direct Current Microstimulation is being applied to the site.  According to the manual Pain Management for the 21st Century, “the human body’s nervous system “runs” on a low-frequency Direct Current (DC) impulse, so this stimulation allows altered nerve function to be restored to normal and significantly accelerated tissue repair.”  Very complicated stuff but….

All I can say is how I felt.  I walked out of there thinking Kristina has ruined me for life.  After therapy you are often sore because of the work that needs to be done on your injured muscles.  Within just a few hours my pain was so significantly reduced that I emailed her to tell her, “I no longer hate you”.