The Total Customer Experience

This week I had to visit St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital (SCW). During my visit I witnessed something that for SCW is pretty normal and truly represents the atmosphere that they have created.  I was in the rehabilitation reception area working on something when the head of the dietary department came around offering our patients and their families “café con leche” which in English is coffee with milk. 

St. Catherine’s West is in the heart of Hialeah, a very Hispanic area.  Hispanics love their coffee.  It is a lovely way to make them feel good, to offer them coffee (any time of the day or night).

Customer service is important and often people think it is just about doing your job and doing it right.  However, when you walk into a facility and you feel so comfortable, welcomed and embraced it is about more than just the job that needs to be done.  Don’t get me wrong all of our facilities provide great quality care, but when a facility makes you feel so good you look forward to the visit, then they have really gone the extra mile. 

Customer service is about the total customer experience.  At our facilities we know how to provide that and if you are lucky enough to be at a facility where Clover is in charge of the kitchen, then the experience is truly special.