Social Media and Marketing

What is social media?

Low cost tools that are used to combine technology and social interaction with the use of words.  The tools we use are either on the internet or mobile based (cell phones).  A few that most people are familiar with would be YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Social media gives us a way to communicate with our peers and customers.  It is a way to personalize the “brand” and spread our message in a relaxed and conversational way.

Social media is not just for personal use or small business owners anymore.  BMW, Dunkin Donuts even our president Barack Obama all have used this social media to gain recognition and product awareness.

What role does it play in marketing?

Social network marketing is an advertising method that informs consumers about our product, who we are and what we offer.  How does social media do that?

  • Provides Identity
  • Creates Relationships
  • Makes us “real” to consumers
  • Associates us with our peers

Social media will carry a lot of value, but it works best with other vehicles of marketing.  It is intended to create awareness.

Here at Catholic Health Services, we engage with our consumers through Facebook, YouTube and our famous Blog.  Please come and visit us on these web pages today.