Shortage of Elder Care Specialists

What can we do to incentivize people to go into this field?  How do we get the government to understand that without these professionals we are in serious trouble?  It is true that if young people are going to take out loans to go to school then they are going to want to be able to find jobs that will pay them enough to pay off the loans.  Are we paying them enough?  Perhaps reimbursing them for school would help.  We need these people and we need to come up with ways of hiring the good ones and keeping them.  We currently lose them to other hospitals that either pay more or reimburse for education.

We have excellent therapists because of the great Doctoral level fellowship in Geriatric physical therapy that we started years ago.  How can the other areas of elderly care solve this problem with the little profit they are able to make? As a non for profit company whose role it is to serve the indigent elderly population in south Florida we run on very little due to the fact that Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates are barely adequate for this type of care.  How can we solve the dilemma?