Short On Cash but Rich With Love

   Our family lived in the rural area of the island of Jamaica…there was no JCPenney or Target but we had a resourceful mother.

    Mama would save the shoe boxes from each pair of shoes she purchased for each child.  One week before Easter she would provide each child with a shoe box, 3 strips of colorful paper (about 4″ wide with several short slits on one end & long enough to skirt the box all around. She would cut a strip of cardboard off the top of the shoe box cover to make the handle & cover it with colorful paper. Strips of colorful paper lined each box.

The children were responsible for gathering fruits & produce to fill each box/basket for distribution to elderly folks after church on Easter Sunday evening.

You can only imagine the delight on the faces of the older folks and the pleasure the children took in knowing that their effort made a difference.

Especially during Easter….

When God gave His ultimate gift……

His son….

For all of us

Have a Blessed Easter