Who can benefit from Rehabilitation?

Generally, a major illness can leave a patient weak and frail. Certainly rehabilitation, including proper nutrition, can help the person regain his or her strength. In other cases, such as injury or stroke, patients and families will develop strategies to make them better able to handle the daily responsibilities of their lives. The Admissions department of our hospitals will give you clear guidelines as to the type of patient that would most benefit.

What is the admissions procedure?
Patients come to us directly or through a variety of referrals, including physicians, health care professionals, insurance companies and community agencies. Before admission, an evaluation is performed to assess:

  • Diagnosis
  • Medical Condition
  • Endurance/Tolerance for activity
  • Cognition/Ability to participate
  • Motivation/Willingness to improve

Once we receive the appropriate medical information, evaluate the patient, review insurance and/or consult with the patient’s physicians, we determine if one of our Rehabilitation Hospital is the most appropriate setting for the patient.