Rehabilitation Hospitals

“I was a patient at St. Anthony’s for 2 weeks.  I received the best care from your entire team of outstanding nurses, nurses aids, physical therapists and they will all hold a special place in my heart”

Nancy Lucas

My stay at St. Catherine’s West was unforgettable! I have been in and out of hospitals my entire life, and I have never been in one where I didn’t want to leave. St. Catherine’s West has an exceptional staff of nurses, aides, and therapists, and I’m not exaggerating when I say, I am going to miss everyone! Thank you to the entire team for providing me with such excellent care.

Maria C., patient at St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital

St. Catherine’s Rehabilitation Hospital provided my mom with excellent care.  The therapists were patient and kind.  Thank you for taking such good care of her.

Martha Leyva, daughter of Marta Portuondo (patient)

My father was admitted to St. Catherine West Rehabilitation Hospital due to a stroke. I am very impressed with everyone who treated and cared for my father.  The care and treatment was exceptional.  Thank you again.

Ileana Hale

My stay at St. Anthony’s was one to remember. The staff was delightful, and took there time to let me know about my situation. Please thank the kitchen staff, the nurses, the assistants, the Occupational Therapists, The Physical Therapists and the awesome Speech Therapists along with everyone that was involved with my care. Also, Dr. Carney was wonderful and made me feel safe.

Lolita Michelle Cartwright

Thank you for the marvelous treatment Barbara received after her stroke. You, your staff and therapists did just a wonderful job in helping with her recovery. We are so pleased we chose St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

Gene Simmons

I would like to thank the staff from St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital for their superb attention and care that they have offered me during my outpatient physical therapy.

Jorge Vital

He is now able to perform different types of actions that he couldn’t do before arriving to your hospital

Fr. Robert St-Vil, patient St. Anthony’s

The food was delicious and the service was great at St. Anthony’s Rehab

Elinor Sigman, Total Hip Replacement

St. Anthony’s is a first class rehabilitation hospital because of all the well-trained staff. They demonstrate compassion and commitment to assist patients to regain their mobility and independence.

Willie Holmes, patient

The rehab staff at St. Anthony’s took me under their wings and let me work at my own pace.

Jackie Lavelle, patient

The rehabilitation staff at St. Anthony’s was always very considerate and patient with me during my treatment. They were professional and courteous and very compassionate.

Lynne Macklis, patient at St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital

I am grateful that my father recovered, and truly appreciate the level of care that he received at St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

Peg Geria, Design & Sales Consultant, Taylor Environments, Inc.