Prayer a Day for Lent – March 6 – 12, 2016


Sunday, March 6

Loving Creator of mine, I feel the pace quicken, the time draws near. I am filled with joy as I move toward Easter and the promised reconciliation with you. Teach me to follow the example of your Son, to be worthy of being called one of his people, a Christ-ian. Help me to live each day as he did turning hatred to love and conflict to peace. I await the new life with eagerness, faith and deep gratitude.

Monday, March 7

God who created me, You offer me new life through your Son and through the gift of your sacraments. While I see new life all around me, I don’t always recognize the new life you offer me. Help me to grow this Lent in an awareness of the gifts you place in my life and in a greater appreciation for your care. Give me the courage to ask for help.

Tuesday, March 8

Joyful praise in Lent? I’m not sure I always feel that. I ask you to help me prepare to understand and embrace the paschal mystery in my life. I don’t always see the beauty and mystery of this season and often I run from the pain. Help me to see how your saving grace and your loving touch in my life can fill me with joyful praise of the salvation you have sent to me.

Wednesday, March 9

Loving and merciful God, I am so aware of my sins and weaknesses. But as painfully aware of my faults as I am, let me also remember your tender love, your gentle and limitless forgiveness. I come before you filled with pain and guilt but look into your eyes and see the forgiving love I so long for in my life. Help me to forgive the same way. Teach me to love as you love.

Thursday, March 10

Merciful Father/Loving Mother, I know that the tiny sacrifices I make this lent can never serve as a real penance in my life. But help me to make my whole life one of following your son. I am filled with your love. Let your love shine out from within me and guide my life in this sacred journey toward the Easter joy you offer me.

Friday, March 11

Loving God of forgiveness, I come before you humbled and sad in the face of my own repeated failings. I hold out my hands as a petitioner would, asking for mercy. It is then that I feel you reach out and take my hand in your loving grasp. Thank you for the love you pour out on me so lavishly. Help me to follow more closely in the path you have set for me, the path of your Son.

Saturday, March 12

Lord what you ask of my life seems so right. It is how I want to live, following your son, Jesus, so closely. And yet I fail so often to stay on that path. I cannot do it alone, loving Lord. I need your help and guidance. I need to remember your love for me and I want to remember how very much I need you in my life