Prayer a Day for Lent – February 21-27, 2016


Sunday, February 21

Loving God, there is so much darkness in my life and I hide from you. Take my hand and lead me out of the shadows of my fear. Help me to change my heart. Bring me to your truth and help me to respond to your generous love. Let me recognize the fullness of your love which will fill my life. Free me from the darkness in my heart.

Monday, February 22

Lord, your commandment of love is so simple and so challenging. Help me to let go of my pride, to be humble in my penance. I want only to live the way you ask me to love, to love the way you ask me to live. I ask this through your son, Jesus, who stands at my side today and always.

Tuesday, February 23

God in heaven and in my life, guide me and protect me. I so often believe I can save myself and I always end in failure. Lead me with your love away from harm and guide me on the right path. May your Spirit inspire the Church and make us an instrument of your love and guidance. Thank you for your care for me.

Wednesday, February 24

God of Love, through this Lenten journey, purify my desires to serve you. Free me from any temptations to judge others, to place myself above others. Please let me surrender even my impatience with others, that with your love and your grace, I might be less and less absorbed with myself and more and more full of the desire to follow you, in laying down my life according to your example.

Thursday, February 25

Loving God, I hear your invitation, “Come back to me” and I am filled with such a longing to return to you. Show me the way to return. Lead me this day in good works I do in your name and send your Spirit to guide me and strengthen my faith. I ask only to feel your love in my life today.

Friday, February 26

Loving God, Caring parent, I am a child who so often turns my back on your love. Please accept my small acts of sorrow today and help to release me from the self-absorption that closes my heart to you. As I journey through Lent, let me remember the feast you have prepared for me in the resurrection and let me be filled with thanks to you.

Saturday, February 27

God of infinite love, you shower me with limitless gifts in my life. In my every thought and action today guide me to the bright and loving light of your kingdom. Help me to be aware of the many ways you allow me to share in your life so intimately today. Thank you for the gifts you have placed in my life. Let me be grateful every moment of this day