What we can learn from Olympians

This year, millions of people tuned in to the Olympic Games in Rio. Seeing the best of the best competing in each sport can be really inspiring, especially when you think about the fact that many of those athletes have trained for most of their lives just to make it there. Unsurprisingly, everyone wants to know how they do it. More than just practicing, what really makes the difference in their training – and what can we learn from those habits even if we aren’t going to be racing Usain Bolt or flipping alongside Simone Biles anytime soon.

Ultimately, they tell us what we already know. But somehow hearing it from them makes it seem all the more important to take under advisement. Here’s the gist

  • Healthy sleeping habits – just because you get shuteye at night doesn’t mean you are getting the kind of sleep your body needs to repair and restore itself. Get enough sleep, and be sure it’s the right kind, preferably with no disturbances for around 6-8 hours a night.
  • Healthy eating habits – this means treating your meals as fuel, not just something to fill you up. When you put something into your body, know why and what purpose it is serving. Equally important is staying hydrated.

Establishing these habits can go a long way in the workplace, not just in an athletic competition, so check out this article from Forbes to read up on how you can incorporate these improvements into your day-to-day life.