Meet the Pastoral Care Department at the West Campus

Sister Maria Montero Perez – Sister Maria is gentle, dedicated and conscientious. She carries out her ministry diligently and has an inclusive love for everyone. All of these qualities are also put to use in her roles as the Mother Superior for her religious community in Hialeah.

Father Parker Ogboe, Directors of Pastoral Care – Father Parker is the Director of Pastoral Care for both the East and West Campuses.

Sister Clara Lux Pichardo – Sister Clara is always visible and available to everybody that needs her help, especially the patients and residents. She works above and beyond her call to duty without complaint. She is a people person and her time is spent with patients and residents.


A Blessing for Our Pastoral Care Departments’ Staff

May you recognize the importance of your work and be grateful for it.

May you step lightly and with reverence into another’s space.

May your eyes be opened to see another’s pain,

May your ears be attuned to the unspoken suffering before you.

May you always know the privilege it is to meet another soul

To touch another’s vulnerability.

May you walk gently and confidently.

May creativity be yours and newness be your friend.

May you live the day in peace and bringing that peace to all you meet.

May you know joy as well as sorrow, hope as well as loss.

And may you always know what you do is holy.

What you do is needed.

What you do is healing.