Congratulations Jose R. Ruiz, Family Service Manager, Catholic Cemeteries

Jose R. Ruiz was hired 9 years ago, he came with no Cemetery experience, but he soon became one of our best Counselors. Three years ago he started attending the ICCFA University, in Memphis, Tennessee. This University offers a four year program designed by top experts in the cemetery, cremation and funeral service profession, offering a blend of classroom training and idea-sharing. 

This year he attended the College of International Studies, as his 4th and last year at the ICCFA University. He graduated with a group of students from different part of the United States.

We would like to congratulate Jose R. Ruiz for his dedication to improve his knowledge to better serve the Mission of Catholic Cemeteries, to bury the dead, comfort the sorrowful, and give hope in the Resurrection; continuing our journey of faith. – Sara Martinez, Human Resources for Catholic Cemeteries.