New Year, Healthier You


The New Year is days away and for many of us that means New Year’s resolutions. For 2020, we encourage you to commit to a healthier you with health-centered resolutions. We have some starting suggestions for you below.


Lose Weight

This is possibly the number one resolution for most people as the New Year rings in. Most of us know how difficult it is to commit to, but you can do it! Don’t get desperate and don’t expect overnight success. Patience and consistency are key factors. Using a food journal helps to keep you accountable and having a support system in place helps to keep you motivated.


Quit Smoking

This is a tough one and it may not be the first time you try but multiple attempts are often the path to success. Don’t give up – try different methods until you find the one that works for you and helps you kick the habit. Quitting will not only make you healthier, it will also make you richer!


Cut Your Stress

While short bouts of stress gives us an energy boost, chronic stress has been linked with insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease and more. Long hours at work combined with little sleep, no exercise and a poor diet can stress you out. Commit to make time for you to relax by sleeping, socializing, taking vacations and spending time with family and friends.


Get More Sleep

Sleep is more beneficial to your health than you probably know. Lack of sleep will not only affect your mood and appearance; it can also increase your risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Not to mention how important it is for consolidation – the process for strengthening memories. In the New Year, commit to getting to bed earlier or taking more naps; and don’t feel guilty about it.


Keeping the enthusiasm month after month can be hard but it’s not impossible. Remember, patience and consistency are key factors. These resolutions don’t need to have an expiration date; they’re meant to become a lifestyle. So as you ring in the New Year, commit to a new decade of a healthier you.  


Catholic Health Services wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!