National Physical Therapy Month: Meet Rosanna Gelaz, PT, DPT

October is National Physical Therapy Month! We celebrate this time by highlighting the significant contributions our physical therapists make to our patients and residents each day.

We’d like you to meet Rosanna Gelaz, a Doctor of Physical Therapy at St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital located at Catholic Health Services West Campus. She is passionate about the work we do and the impact we make here at Catholic Health Services!

Why did you choose physical therapy as a profession?

I decided to go into physical therapy because I like to help people. It sounds cliché especially in the medical field, but I enjoy what I do, day in and day out. It’s a beautiful profession. Challenging at times, but very rewarding.

What type of patients do you serve?

At St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital, we primarily serve the older adult population. Each day we see a variety of patients recovering from hip replacements, knee replacements, and open heart surgery. We also assist people who need assistance in regaining their quality of life. 

What’s something someone might not know about your profession?

People often have the misconception that we are massage therapists. We have patients that come in asking for a massage or hot/cold pack not knowing the scope of what we can do to help their recovery process. We are trained to assess and correct one’s movement and mobility through exercise and active motion.

We’re here to help our patients to not only feel better but to feel stronger and able to function at their highest capacity.

Why do you enjoy working for Catholic Health Services?

Before working at St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital, I had the opportunity to work at other facilities within the Catholic Health Services organization.  I love how we strive overall as an organization to provide high quality, patient-centered compassionate care.

We push each other to learn, and we work together as a team for the benefit of our patients, their families and our facility overall. We’re more than a team; we’re a family.

No matter the healthcare discipline we all collaborate to provide the best care. Everyone truly cares about the wellbeing of our patients and is committed to doing what’s best to get them home!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I enjoy guiding my patients on their journey to recovery and strength. While undergoing therapy, patients sometimes have trouble visualizing the end goal. Though the journey can be challenging, it feels good to witness those same patients overcome their physical challenges, and walk out feeling and looking much better than when they first arrived.

At Catholic Health Services, we incorporate innovative wellness and fitness practices to maximize and improve the well-being of our patient’s. For information about the rehabilitation services we offer, visit