Mother’s Day Tea Party at St. John’s Nursing Center


Mother’s Day this year was celebrated in a very special way at St. John’s Nursing Center.  A tea party was just one of the ways they celebrated this holiday.  The walls were decorated using a collection of Mother’s Day pictures. The color scheme was pink, purple, white and Teal which was reflected by the decorations of the balloons and tablecloths. The table was arranged horizontally in the center of the social dining room to replicate a real tea party setting and to provide mobility to get around the room. A premade Mother’s Day playlist was made to set the tone. The Mothers were greeted at the door by the RT Interns and activities staff by placing “Love Mom” balloons on each of their wheelchairs followed by hats being placed on their head to reflect a traditional classy tea party setting.

The event started off with staff catering to the Mothers by serving hot water into their antique tea cups, the mothers then chose from various flavors of tea bags. Finger foods and drinks were later distributed. At the end of the party each mother was presented with a certification labeled “best mom”  for their hard work.

Not only a fun event but therapeutic as well.  By the mothers engaging in painting their blank tea cups it promoted social and motor skills. Social skills was develop through communication about their love ones, past life and what  activities they enjoyed doing in their rooms. Motor skills was demonstrated when they pick up the brushes and created their own unique designs throughout the event.  For example some drew their favorite shapes while some wrote their names. One patient in particular painted her country’s flag color which stimulated their cognitive memory and focus on the individual memory health.  – Garland D. Jones, M.S., CTRS, Director of Recreational Therapy/ Activities, St. John’s Nursing Center