What does quality Child Care look like?

Quality child care should be affordable and dependable. Parents should feel confidant that the caregivers of their children will challenge and stimulate their minds. At catholichealthservices.org we do just that. Our trained staff can help to educate your child in a manner that makes it fun to learn.
Many times, children are not very responsive to learning because they lose interest in it after a few minutes. Our staff understands that and has developed custom lesson plans that will keep your child entertained while teaching them about English, Mathematics, and many other subjects. We take our job seriously, and we want to make sure that we can offer every child the opportunity to grow mentally. We were the first center in Florida to offer parents preschool, a charter school from kindergarten to sixth grade, as well as before, and after, school programs all at the same facility. This makes our program one of the few in the state of Florida to offer such a diverse collection of programs to different age groups.
We are able to follow a child’s progress from the early stages of mental development all the way through adolescence, and that gives us the ability to monitor a child’s education. We can help them with their harder subjects so that they can overcome any educational obstacle and be ready to excel at their studies. They will leave our facility with a better understanding of the subjects that they were taught and will have an easier time when it comes to high school. By preparing your child at our facility you can rest assured that they will be a success in the future.