InBlue performs at St. Dominic Gardens


InBlue is a music band made up of law enforcement officers from South Florida. Our concept is to bring our communities and law enforcement closer together. “We feel that through music, we engage our communities in a totally different way; in a way that breaks barriers like never before. The power of music is amazing and it is a language everyone understands.”

Police Officers are public servants, and serve the public with dignity and respect; they bring justice to those that break the law and help those that cannot help themselves. InBlue recognizes and believes in the community policing model and they believe it is an effective way to provide law enforcement service to the communities we serve.

The band was created with the idea of bringing new light to law enforcement in a positive manner by performing at community events, hospitals, benefits and non-profit events where music can be a conduit to strengthen the way the public sees law enforcement.

he band is made up of law enforcement officers from different agencies, playing an array of different genres of music, all with a positive message. When selecting music for performance, they ensure the music and lyrics to be performed are in good taste and not offensive to the audience. Music that runs counter to moral values will not be performed at any time. All of their equipment has been acquired with personal budgets and all performances and rehearsals are carried out during scheduled time off and on a volunteer basis.

St. Dominic residents enjoyed a musical presentation by the Dade County Police Band and they also served food for the residents.  All were happy, they sang and danced and were very grateful.