How to achieve a Higher Quality of Life…

How to achieve a Higher Quality of Life . . .

Ok – so it’s our tagline, slogan, handle, whatever… but it is true!
We believe it and we deliver! At Catholic Health Services we believe that if you provide quality care with quality service you will always deliver a Higher Quality of Life.

Welcome to our brand new blog! There is much to learn about CHS. I am looking forward to introducing you to a host of experts on medical issues, social services concerns, special education and early childhood options. But first let’s start with a quick introduction of CHS….

There are many people in south Florida who have heard of Villa Maria; some might have had a family member at St. Catherine’s Rehab Hospital or at St. John’s Nursing Center. Many Catholics have family plots at either Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery. Many of our facilities are famous in their communities and have great name recognition and wonderful word-of-mouth publicity… but few know that they are all part of a system that supports, helps to plan, develop, manage and coordinate new and existing programs and facilities. Catholic Health Services serves over 6,000 people daily with a workforce of over 1,500 employees contributing to the welfare and economy of the community and providing a Higher Quality of Life.

Always a step ahead, planning for your future needs, providing innovative services, opening new centers and facilities to meet the needs of our growing community! We cover lots of ground with eight different service lines in 26 facilities throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. With four medical campuses in South Florida, Catholic Health Services is the largest not-for-profit comprehensive post-acute healthcare system in the southeast US. We offer acute medical rehabilitation, specialty outpatient clinics, home health services, skilled nursing and long term care, and assisted living. We also offer early as well as special education, low-income elderly housing and cemetery services. For almost twenty five years, thousands of people have recovered greater independence, improved their health and have attained aHigher Quality of Life.

Since 1985, when Catholic Health Services was established, we have continuously provided quality health care and social services to the community while also reaching for the latest technology and innovations. We brought to completion a much anticipated project, St. Catherine’s West Rehab Hospital, our new state of the art stand alone hospital in Hialeah Gardens, expanding into a new geographic area of intense growth and placing us in a unique position of being the first to address the acute rehab needs of that community.

Catholic Health Services recognizes its responsibility to the community to rise above and beyond its purpose. CHS believes it is necessary to extend its Mission beyond the walls of its campuses and facilities, to care for those in need and lend a helping hand. Last year alone, Catholic Health Services provided a total of $11,785,606 in community benefit, to individuals who are uninsured, underinsured or do not qualify for government assistance, and once again …
providing a Higher Quality of Life!

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