Assisted Living Miami


Taking care of elderly family members can be an overwhelming responsibility and many times caregivers end up taking on more than they can physically or mentally handle. That is why there are Assisted Living Miami locations to help take away the burden of providing around the clock care while placing your loved one in a home where they can be professionally cared for and free to live out their golden years in peace and happiness.
What do Assisted Living Miami Facilities have to Offer?
Catholic Health Services Assisted Living Miami facilities are excellent places for seniors to live in peace and comfort. These apartments feature stylish furniture and beautiful home décor with private bedrooms and bathrooms. Emergency call systems are installed in every home so that help will always be available at the push of a button. Assisted Living Miami facilities allow seniors to continue living their active lives with the assistance of a quality trained medical team whenever they need it.
Catholic Health Services Guidelines for Admission
In order to live at the CHS Assisted Living Miami location, new residents have to be able to perform supervised ADLs or activities of daily living. They will need to be free of any communicable disease symptoms and they do not need supervision of a nurse 24/7. The individuals who live at this facility need to be able to participate in community activities, should not be completely bed-ridden and they should not be a danger to themselves or other people who live in the community.