National Senior Health and Fitness Day 2013

May 29th, 2013 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. This year marks the 20th year anniversary of the program geared toward assisting older adults to stay healthy. National Senior Health and Fitness Day is an event held at over 1,000 locations nationwide helping to promote physical activity to older adults.
Participants receive bags, buttons, T-shirts and other incentive items. The event has partnered with Mature Market Resource Center to provide decades of health and fitness information to seniors across the country. Mature Fitness Awards USA and New Product and Technology Awards have also teamed with National Senior Health and Fitness Day to recognize new products available to an older generation.
On the last Wednesday every May seniors gather at different locations to participate in activities to living a healthy lifestyle. Locations include community centers, hospitals, parks, senior centers and even YMCAs. This long running event continues to gain recognition and add new partners to bring awareness to the health of the senior population.
There are several activities older adults can participate in to keep them healthy as seniors. They can participate in regular check-ups, health screenings and health workshops. Keeping regular doctor appointments is vital to maintaining optimum health in the aging population. Older adults can also continue to participate in a regular fitness regime to remain healthy. Low-impact exercises such as, gardening, light weight resistance, swimming or walking helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. These exercises won’t over tire an older adult and will help reduce injuries.