Finding a home for Issac

On my way into the office (Catholic Health Services) I noticed some co-workers standing around looking at a lonely abandoned kitten.  When I approached the kitty, he was skittish, crying and looking back at me.  I put my stuff down and grabbed my secret stash of dog and cat food and I went outside.

I opened the can and sat on the ground and coaxed the kitty to come to me.

April, a co-worker, named him Isaac after the tropical storm that was on its way. After Isaac filled his little belly, he ran off and April and I spoke more of what we needed to do for him.  April left to get a kitty carrier and I called Cat Exclusive.

It took a bit to get Isaac to come back, but I broke Isaac’s fear with kisses and warmth and not to mention he knew I was the one with the hidden stash of food.  April took Isaac to the vet, a wonderful place called Cat Exclusive in Margate on Atlantic Blvd. April was going to have him chipped, clipped and vaccinated and try to find him a good home.  But by pure God, Cat Exclusive called April stating they had fallen in love with sweet Isaac and wanted to keep him.  Isaac would now have a safe home as the mascot of Cat Exclusive.

Cat Exclusive is filled to capacity and need homes for the cats they have….I hope you spread the word of this wonderful place and of God’s gifts to those little animals who need good homes.

One day I pray that I can open my own safe shelter and give special gifts to the elderly, the broken and unloved. Meanwhile, we are grateful for Catholic Health Services as they “catch” the elderly and the broken and “hold” them in loving arms of safety, in places they will now call home. We need a place for the animals too.

Again thanks to Cat Exclusive and April for helping me find Isaac a safe home, but I thank Mr. Isaac for allowing me to know him for such a small amount of time. Isaac, it was so my pleasure.