Employees at St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital Attend Alzheimer’s Training

The employees of St. Catherine’s West Rehabilitation Hospital (SCW) were the first of CHS to attend a mandatory training on Effective Communication Strategies led by The Alzheimer’s Association’s Southeast Florida chapter.

Based on the Alzheimer’s Association® Effective Communication Strategies program, the interactive training provided our employees with communication strategies they could implement when caring for their patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Each of our attendees left with a better understanding of how to: decode the verbal and behavioral messages of an Alzheimer’s patient, and identify the best strategies to connect and communicate with patients at each stage of the disease.

An estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages have been diagnosed and one in 10 people age 65 and older have the disease. Individuals living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often experience changes in behavior that can be confusing to friends and family. Knowing this, we’ve made it our mission to provide our healthcare professionals with the necessary tools they need to communicate with patients successfully.

One employee championing the cause is Abbie Casciato, SCW Business Manager, who lost her beloved father to Alzheimer’s disease on Father’s Day just 10 years ago. Strong and courageous, Abbie has used her personal experience with the disease to fuel her passion for raising awareness in her local and work communities.

“I can understand and relate to what families are going through, and it’s important that they know they’re not alone in this. I am so thankful to be a part of a work community that is passionate about spreading awareness and giving to a cause I hold so close to my heart” stated Abbie.

With such strong and dedicated employees, we look forward to continue our longstanding partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and to spread the education the rest of our facilities.

Catholic Health Services is happy to announce that we will be the presenting sponsor for the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, November 3rd! Meet us bright and early in Biscayne Park as we join members of the community to pledge our commitment and participate in the world’s largest fundraiser against Alzheimer’s!