Family in Early Childhood Education

Family Involvement & Community

Family involvement in early childhood education is critical to child development. Our Family Partnerships engage in a process of collaborative partnership-building with parents to establish mutual trust and to identify family goals, strengths, and necessary services and other supports. A Family Partnership Agreement is initiated with each family that describes family goals, interests, responsibilities, timetables, and strategies. 

Most of our Family Partnership Agreement services include English as a Second Language, Employment Assistance, Parent Involvement as a Volunteer, GED Diploma study, vocational classes, parental skills classes, and nutrition classes.

Centro Mater & Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education 

Centro Mater has a long history of working with qualified partners in the community to enhance the Head Start experience for our families. Our mission has been to bring the community together by focusing on key issues such as children and families. Not only do we have a process in place that constantly seeks out new potential partners but we work hard to maintain the good working relationships we have with all of our valued community providers.

Parent Involvement

Parents are always kept well informed of all the activities at the center and are encouraged to participate. Parents have the opportunity to work together to plan and develop activities that they have expressed an interest in. These opportunities are provided through several avenues including:

  • Delegate Agency Board
  • Parent Committees
  • Policy Council/Policy Committee
  • Community Advisory Committees
  • Leadership Training
  • Conferences

Application Process

Our application process is designed to acquire the information we need to ensure that only qualified families and children are participating in the program. It also allows us to begin forming relationships with the families. Please contact Centro Mater centers for additional information.


Due to the funding Centro Mater receives, we are able to offer our children and community good quality services. Centro Mater programs are funded in part by Head Start/Early Head Start Program, The Learning Coalition, School Readiness, VPK, Child Care Food Program, The Children’s Trust, CDBG, United Way, The City of Miami, and Miami-Dade County.