Clifton Joseph, Employee of the Month at Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery


I was in Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery today at about 3:30 p.m. to put flowers in a couple of graves belonging to a few of my family members, however when I went to my grandmother’s grave specifically I noticed her epitaph was very deteriorated to the point I could not even read her own name. Because of this, I stopped to speak to one of your landscapers, his name being Cliff Joseph, and may I say what a truly, professional, caring, and hardworking gentleman! Distraught, I questioned him on what he recommended to clean my grandmother’s epitaph, and without hesitation he kindly took his time to grab degreaser out of his cart, a sturdy brush, as well as a gallon of water and proceeded to clean it up for me beautifully, he did such a miraculous job that her name was extremely legible afterwards with no dirt, or stains in sight! I was truly thankful and amazed for this young mans generosity, for he did not have to do that yet did it kind-fully anyway.

Cliff Joseph is a wonderful asset to your cemetery landscaping personnel team! He went above and beyond the call of duty, to clean my grandmother’s grave without me even asking it of him, he genuinely did it out of the goodness of his own heart and I cannot explain how grateful myself, and my family feel based upon his generous act.

My heart goes out to him, please if you may let him know how much his small act meant to me! I am truly touched, and thankful.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Maria Nuñez