Tips to Consider for Safe Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to take advantage of sales to stock up on the necessities.

Whether it’s medical supplies, toiletries, your favorite outfit staples, or even cosmetics – the internet has you covered – even more so than it does the other 364 days of the year.

While our first instinct is to shop away, it is critically important that we exercise caution in doing so. This is not only important for protecting our pocketbooks and wallets, but also our identities, personal information and credit.

With that in mind, consider these tips when carrying out your Cyber Monday shopping sprees:

  • Make sure websites you are using are secure – a good indicator is if the URL begins with “https” rather than just “http”
  • Pay with credit cards (as they often offer more consumer protections than debit)
  • Only submit payment information using secure wifi/internet connections – password-protected connections that you can trust are typically safer from hackers than public connections you might find at the mall, the airport or a local coffee shop

Happy Shopping!