There’s An App For That!

Welcome back, people! 2015 is officially in full swing and with it, those pesky New Years resolutions we talked about last time. Did you by any chance find a new smart phone under your Christmas tree this year? Do you wish you could be as excited about starting a workout routine or a diet as you are about that phone? The plot thickens… you can!

Over the past year more and more apps promoting health and fitness have been developed for iPhones and Androids, alike. Whether you’re trying to map your morning jog, clock your running speed, keep a journal of your meals or find a new exercise or recipe to try, you may be holding endless possibilities in the palm of your hand.

Looking for inspiration for this week’s blog, I actually stumbled upon an article with an extensive list of super fun (mostly free) apps you can try in your journey to hold yourself accountable and make your resolutions into realities.

There’s truly something for everyone on this list and there are even some apps that have guided meditations for the stressed out employee and a calorie counter for the habitual snacker. Although it didn’t make the list, if you’re anything like me and are genuinely horrible at monitoring your fluid intake and remembering to stay hydrated, check out the “Daily Water” app, which will remind you throughout the day to have a glass of water. (Shout out to my mom for that one!)

Check out the list and see how your new Christmas gift or just overall smartphone addiction can actually help you achieve your goals!