The Summer Camp Struggle

Summer is a wonderful time – everyone is excited because school is out for two months and wake-up times get a little bit later. Everything seems slightly more fun if only because of the time of year.

One caveat to this is summer camp; whether your kids are going for the day or to sleep-away camp for a month (or two), there is naturally some anxiety that comes with trusting them to new people after almost a year with the same school teachers/faculty members.

When your kids are on someone else’s watch, are they wearing sunscreen when outside? Reapplying throughout the day? Are they staying hydrated? Are they eating enough of the right foods to give them the energy they need to get through these long days in hot weather?

At the end of the day, there is no way to know for sure and no one wants to come off as the “helicopter parent” who asks their camp counselors about this 17 times a day. The solution? Education. This is a prime opportunity to sit down with your families and talk to them about the importance of sun protection, hydration, signs of heat stroke and good nutrition. Armed with that information, they can police themselves while simultaneously building good habits for a long, healthy life.

So sit down and have the conversation, then reap the benefits of happy campers and your own peace of mind.