Solving the Bone Health Conundrum

So, you fractured your hip or you go to the doctor and take a bone density test. They tell you that you have osteoporosis. For many people, this scenario is reality and they become afraid to live their lives to the fullest because they worry about the integrity of the bones they rely so heavily upon each day.

Is this something to have an anxiety attack over? Not at all. It is possible to curb the effects by building up your bone density and taking overall better care of your body to improve your bone health. This is also important to do before you get that diagnosis, because it is all-around preventable.

What you can do:

Try incorporating dark, leafy greens into your diet. I know, they are not always the favorite, but they are loaded with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to build the foundation of healthy bones. Not to mention it is also a cheaper and more natural method of obtaining those nutrients than taking daily supplements to make up for what you lack in your daily intake.

This is disputed between professionals in the medical community, but it is said that you should try to spend about 20 minutes in the sun without sunscreen to take in a natural dose of vitamin D. Personally, I don’t recommend being outside without sunscreen, especially in Florida because the rays are so strong, but you can try a lower SPF and decide how much time your skin can handle out in the sunlight.

Look out for the caffeine. Again, it is a diuretic and will rob your bones of the nutrients they need. This also applies to sugar. And needless to say, if you are stressed out beyond repair, you are putting tremendous pressure on your bones, so try to get enough rest for your body to repair itself from life’s daily traumas.

I know sugar isn’t ideal, but there are some fruit juices that are loaded with calcium. Calcium is so important for building stronger bones and milk is not always going to be your best option, despite what you may have heard. It’s a great source of calcium but dairy doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

As always, exercise is another go-to remedy. Don’t over do it, especially if you HAVE osteoporosis or another bone density issue, because this can cause fractures if you are not careful. Otherwise, try to use weights and resistance training, which can actually increase your body’s natural calcium levels in certain target areas of the body. Aerobic exercise is also vital, which I have asserted to you all many times before. Go for a walk or a bike ride, it truly is that simple!

For some people, these tips will not be enough to resolve your body’s conundrums. Everyone is different and you know your body better than I do. If you have concerns, it is always best to see a doctor and figure out if you should be on medications or taking additional supplements to ease your bone density issues.

Catholic Health Services also has rehabilitation hospitals that are equipped to help with bone density-related concerns and recovery if you do end up with a fracture or some other bone injury as a result so if you have questions about that, feel free to check out to for more information about how we can help you out!