Shortening Your Post-Thanksgiving Recovery Time

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many of us look forward to all year – between the parade, the football and the food, there is something for everyone and quite frankly, I think we all look for an excuse to eat to our hearts’ content without judgment.

The downfall of this wondrous experience, however, usually includes the gross feeling that comes with having over-eaten, under-hydrated and spent the entire day sitting on the couch inside.

Similar to the endless options on the Thanksgiving table that can be altered to please even the pickiest of dinner guests, there are a number of ways to combat the post-Thanksgiving crash – suitable to all ages, tastes and interests.

  • Try registering for your local Turkey Trot so you can kick off your Turkey Day with a brisk run, or jog out in the sunshine – your body will thank you! Not a runner? No worries, you can walk them, too!
  • Offer a few lighter options on the dinner table. Consider incorporating some vegetable dishes that are high in water content to sneakily work in some hydration. An easy way to do this is to put a fruit salad out for dessert.
  • Be sure there is water at the table, too! It’s fun to drink cider, watch the game over a beer or cheers with a glass of wine, but breaking that up with a few glasses of water will help you feel much better the next day.
  • When you’re not watching football on TV, get a game of your own going out in the yard (weather permitting) to get the blood pumping.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends!